Mobility Founders is a startup studio, a company that creates companies, headquartered in Paris, France. We build startups in the rapidly changing mobility industry with the goal of creating innovative solutions to face tomorrow’s mobility challenges.

Our startups


Pricemoov is the price management platform that uses AI technologies to have always the right prices. Combining multiple data sources, Pricemoov algorithms analyze the consumers' behaviors, forecast the demand and compute the right price at any moment.

The platform allows the teams to leverage all these data in order to define the pricing strategy, pilot the prices in real time and analyze the performance of the strategies.


CarMoov enables car rental companies to offer Carsharing services to their customers thanks to a proprietary platform.

CarMoov makes it possible for you to operate from virtually anywhere, be it railway stations, hotels, harbours, or your doorstep… We believe customers should be able to book, pickup or get cars delivered 24/7, with a secured, fast and simple mobile process!

Our Carsharing system is built to function in coordination with you existing software. It is very easy to tailor, implement and use.


Zeloce is a plug and play logistic and marketing tool for department and furniture stores. We currently work with IKEA and Leroy Merlin.

We drive back customers and their heavy/voluminous purchases from the store to their house on the same day.
We allow stores to provide state of the art customer experience while activating sales and increasing average spending. As a customer, if you know you have space in a truck, you buy more !
To achieve this vision, we rely on three elements: top-notch booking process, trained and reliable driver force and data analytics to report to stores customer purchases.


Labacar is an agile software development company focused on delivering and learning.

Labacar is an agile software development startups. We work for the companies of MobilityFounders, Rentacar, and for other companies. We focus on delivering excellent quality software using lean and scrum methodology. We offer a great environnement to fast clients and demanding developers.